The PICASO consortium has made a project market analysis paper available for download.

The paper presents an analysis of the European healthcare landscape with a detailed analysis four member states’ healthcare markets: Denmark, Germany, Italy and Sweden. The market analysis was carried out in connection with the EU project PICASO – A Personalised Integrated Care Platform. It was thus carried out based on confidential knowledge of the PICASO results and potential exploitation avenues for project partners.

The domain of healthcare is a policy area strongly in the hands of the individual EU Member States, and as the European population is growing older, healthcare services face massive challenges. The political realm forces us to treat the European healthcare landscape in terms of each country’s individual structure, opportunities and market attractiveness.

In order to focus the market analysis on the PICASO project’s visions and results, the three most relevant segmentation variables was first identified: i) e-readiness level (acceptance of the use of ICT solutions in healthcare), ii) fragmentation (the number and nature of care players in a given geographical area), and iii) the relevance to PICASO partners (focusing on partner countries).

Download the paper: A Market Analysis for the Future Exploitation of PICASO

A Market Analysis for the Future Exploitation of PICASO