The clinicians involved in the two PICASO trials have been positive about the possibility to share patient data because it allowed them to better understand the patient’s health status. They see PICASO as a solid tool that can support integrated care because it allows all associated clinicians to work in, and share, one integrated patient care plan. The conflict functionality was particularly useful as was the possibility to use the tools to determine which elements of a patient’s care plan to view and how these elements should be presented. Additionally, clinicians found that the Care Plan Manager, a component in the Clinician Dashboard, could be used to provide more personalised care. Their interaction and communication with the patient were supported by the PICASO tools, e.g. by easily updating and monitoring patient’s care plan, writing personalised suspend messages, or personalised reminders.

PICASO Patient Dashboard: Diary view

The results from the two trials have also shown that patients have welcomed the self-monitoring solution. They found that PICASO helped them getting a better insight into their condition and the health parameters that affect their daily lives. Patients felt that using PICASO enhanced their ability to manage their condition which would potentially improve their health. Their perception of self-efficacy was thus enhanced leading to greater patient empowerment.

From the clinician perspective, access to the self-monitored patient data was useful to get a deeper knowledge of the patient’s current health status as well as on the progress of their multimorbidities. Detailed clinical results from the trial are planned for publication in relevant medical journals. Information on the trial results will also be made available on the project website.

Trial results