When professional carers have access to a complete picture of a patient’s current health status and multiple care plans, they are better able to make the right and informed decisions about patient care and treatment. This is particularly important when caring for patients with multiple chronic conditions that can result in several co-morbidities.

PICASO will provide a secure, privacy compliant and robust data, information and knowledge exchange platform. The PICASO platform will allow professional caregivers in health, rehabilitation and social care domains to exchange patient data and knowledge  in a safe, accurate and reliable way.

The exchange of, and access to, patient data in PICASO will be role-based which will not only ensure that only authorised professional carers have access to a patient’s data, but also that only the patient data relevant for their role is presented. This will help professional carers to navigate in the increasing amount of patient data and to focus on data that is important for their care plan.

The PICASO platform will be implemented in two separate trials involving chronic patients suffering from either Rheumatoid Arthritis or Parkinson Disease with cardiovascular disease as co-morbidity. The trials will allow the specialists involved in the care of the patients to use and test the PICASO platform for secure, reliable and accurate exchange of patient data.

The PICASO platform will be compliant with national and EU regulations on data protection.