Several specialist carers are often involved in treating a chronic patient who suffers from multiple comorbidities. This results in multiple care plans that may operate in parallel and at the risk of being conflictive.

PICASO will offer a decision support system for management of co-morbidities that allows professional cares to analyse the cross-effect of conflicting care plans and develop personalised, integrated care pathways. Care pathways will be modelled as dynamic care services that are based on the immediate health status of the patient. PICASO provides personalised risk assessment to support professional carers in managing and updating a patient’s care plan according to his/her present health status and treatments.

PICASO also aims to strengthen medical knowledge by providing a platform for the collaboration and sharing of knowledge between care professionals, and by supporting more automated and efficient workflows. As a result, PICASO envisions the creation of new care models for better management and treatment of patients with multiple comorbidity conditions.