A key objective of PICASO is to create a new approach to integrated care based on the concepts of dynamic service narratives. The narratives define the content and sequence of care services to be launched in order to perform clinical logistics in care plans that span across a multi-actor, multidisciplinary environment.

PICASO aims to support the concept of “Continuum of Care” which emphasises a holistic and coordinated view of the care system that guides and tracks patients over time through a comprehensive array of health and social services, spanning all levels and intensity of care.

The PICASO platform will allow for the efficient creation and roll-out of personalised Continuum of Care services that integrate and coordinate the collaboration of different care organisations, as well as providing a dynamic orchestration of care services across care spaces.

All formal and informal care providers are able to connect and interact through the platform. The workflows will automatically be connected across actors and data can be securely shared between groups of people.

PICASO will thus allow for a multi-channel and multi-actor interaction and exchange of knowledge in the integrated care setting.