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DGRh 2017 Poster Presentation

EULAR 2017 Poster Presentation

Presentation at WHINN Conference 2016     

Presentation at ICCST 2017                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 


Deliverables marked as public will be released as downloads, once approved by the European Commission.

Visit download page for deliverables

See list of all public deliverables and their status


Publications published by PICASO partners will be made available here.

Paul Quinn, VUB, (2017), "The EU commission's risky choice for a non-risk based strategy on assessment of medical devices"

FIT (2017), "Gute Genesung: Projekt PICASO für die integrierte Patientenversorgung in Europa"


Videos released by the project will be available on YouTube youtube-logo-full_color