Meet us at the following events:

30 November - 1 December 2017 in Kosice, Slowakia
WIKT 2017
WIKT 2017 - 12th Workshop on Intelligent and Knowledge oriented Technologies 2017

23-26 October 2017 in Madrid, Spain
ICCST 2017 - Presentation "Understanding and granting Android permissions: A user survey" in Session S6B: Access Control, Wednesday 25 October 2017
The 51st International Carnahan Conference on Security Technology

4-5 April 2017 in Aarhus, Denmark
CareWare 2017
New technologies for healthcare and assisted living.
Demonstration of a fall prevention and detection solution based upon the PICASO LinkWatch platform.

2-5 March 2017 in Rimini, Italy
13th National Congress of the Italian Association of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging
Poster presentation of the Abstract: PICASO: A Personalised Integrated Care Platform

4-6 October 2016 in Odense, Denmark
WHINN Week of Health and Innovation 2016 - PICASO exhibition all days, 5 October presentation in session on integrating health and social care: ICT Support for Integrating all Aspects of Care in Diverse Cultural Settings

13-14 October 2016 in Rome, Italy
Open Identity Summit 2016 - Day 1 presentation: Identity management, access control and privacy in integrated care platforms: the PICASO project